Save costs with on-site repair


Dented printing areas
Ziegler's biggest asset is that even serious damage such as large dents in the printing area up to a size of

0.5 mē can be repaired on the cylinder in-situ, independent of the surface coating, and that worldwide. The advantages of on-site repair are clear: time-consuming removal and installation of the cylinder are not necessary (installation costs) and the high costs of express transport, and of course the risk of damage during transport are not incurred.

With his high-tech process, Ziegler is generally always able to help quickly and economically. The technology makes it possible to apply partial coatings to almost all metals and their alloys and compounds. Due to the application of precious metals, cylinders and rollers damaged by foreign bodies with scratches, scoring, impact marks or denting are brought back into shape and the right dimensions.