30 years of know-how on the cylinder repair


Cylinder repair Peter Ziegler GmbH
Peter Ziegler obtained his know-how during the many years he worked for one of the largest printing press manufacturers in the world.

The high quality requirements at this printing press manufacturer encouraged him to take this professional path, to improve the quality of his service and convey it to his staff. These standards smoothed the way for his business as a service provider; he founded the business in 1989 as a sole trader and converted it into a GmbH (limited liability company) in 1992. Now Ziegler GmbH can draw on several members of staff who all have extensive experience of on-site repair. This situation makes it possible for Ziegler service engineers to repair all printing presses with cylinders and rollers on the market, all over the world.

The repair of cylinders with damaged surfaces requires extensive skill and competent handling of the tools, repair materials and the damaged cylinders. It is very easy for further damage to the cylinder skin caused by semi-professional repairs to result in expensive additional repairs and further delays. For this reason cost-effectiveness and quality are two important aspects the customer should take into account if a repair is necessary.